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Green building - also known as sustainable building - is the practice of building our homes using a process that is environmentally responsible and more resource-efficient. It is purposeful in increasing the efficiency with which buildings use and harvest energy, water, and materials. It is protecting and restoring human health and the environment.

Our Green Building Guidelines will expand and compliment the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort. They will also encourage and promote practical yet effective alternatives for a sustainable and green built home.

Building a sustainable home need not be a burden on your budget. Good green buildings can often be the same or cost only a few percentage points more to build than conventional designs. We’ll help you to find answers and tools that "green" your project. Mixing in the right combination of solutions to address your objectives for financial, health and environmental concerns is up to you.

Greengate Estates is Beautifully Situated with Panoramic Views of the Prairies.

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We believe in great design partnered with environmental sustainability. Meet our challenge to make sustainable design a guiding fundamental principle.

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